2019 Kenya Photo Immersion

2022 Wild Africa Photo Immersion

Dates: Jan.10-20, 2022
Location: Kenya, Tanzania
Focus: Lion, leopard, cheetah, zebras, giraffe, elephants, rhinos, hippos
Limit: 5 persons
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Bear Cubs and Puffins

2022 Alaska Bear Cubs and Puffins

Dates: July 24-30, 2022
Location: Lake Clark National Park
Focus: Photographing coastal brown bears, eagles, fox, puffins
Limit: 6 persons
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Katmai Bears

2018 Alaska Bald Eagle Trip

2022 Katmai Brooks Falls

Dates: August 12-17, 2022
Focus: Photographing bears fishing for spawning salmon at the waterfall
Limit: 6 persons
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Polar Bears Alaska

2019 Polar Bear Immersion

2022 Polar Bear and Northern Lights Dates: Sept. 14-Oct.1, 2022

Location: Fairbanks, Kaktovik, Alaska
Focus: View polar bears at eye-level, with northern lights at night
Limit: 5 persons

Bald Eagles

2018 Alaska Bald Eagle Trip

2022 Alaska Bald Eagle Trip

Dates: November 9-16, 2022
Focus: Photographing eagles, moose, and northern lights
Limit: 8 persons
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Antarctica and South Georgia

2022 Penguin Safari

2022 Antarctica Penguins

Dates: Nov.5-21, 2022
Focus: Photographing penguins, whales, walrus on ice
Limit: 8 persons
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