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Good tools make all the difference

By popular demand, we keep getting asked what we use and why: software, camera bags, cameras, accessories, and more. It took us a decade, but we realized that we could be getting affiliate commissions on all the purchases our guests are going to make before going on our trips. Those commissions (on things our clients were going to purchase anyway), allow us to keep our rates as low as we can on the trips themselves. You know, every little bit counts. So here are things we like and places we shop. Use these links and Wild Departures gets a little love back from some of the vendors.


Insure your trip.

Buy Travel Insurance!! The places we go on Wild Departures trips are often in remote environments with exposure to weather which can cause cancelations and trip interruptions. Don’t leave your trip unprotected. In our experience, Travel Guard has had the quickest response and required the least amount of paperwork to file and receive payout for a claim. Go here to get a quote for your policy for a trip with us or another upcoming excursion.

Camera Gear

Memory Cards, Lenses, rain covers

Do you have enough memory cards? Card readers? Batteries, filters, tripod, new lens, back-up portable hard drive, latest camera, extenders…Adorama has it all. Be prepared. Get the shot. For memory cards, we recommend 64GB to 128GB cards that read and write fast.


Camera Bags that roll and fit in the overhead bin!

Save your back! These bags are game-changers. They fit in most overhead bins and are super durable. We recommend the Airport Advantage or the Airport Takeoff.

The BEST Editing Software

You simply can’t achieve the level of clarity and professional output of your photos solely through using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. DeNoise and Sharpen work the best, rather than AI. They can be used on their own or as plug-ins in Lightroom and Photoshop